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    Season Finale

    NXS SeriesThe SS Thunder Season Finale is upon us and what an event it will be. For the first time in series history the Championship has come down to a three way battle to be determined tonight under the lights of Daytona. Reigning champ Bernie Mobbs has the lead with series admin ECT Q in second and two time champion Chuck McClure in third. It has been a hard fought season with points remaining close every week. A big “THANK YOU” to all the drivers as YOU have made this a fun series. Following tonight there will be a short break to get the new schedule in place and give everyone a chance to lick their wounds and get ready for the fall season. Last but not least, THANKS to my partner in crime , Rob Neises, for all the help and support throughout the season. Q

    Race 13

    Race 13The High Banked Michigan Track would be the site of this weeks race for the SS Thunder Series. With the tightest three-way points race in series history playing out, every move on the track had an effect. Bernie Mobbs would earn the pole and with his teammate BobD lead the race through green flag stops. Caution flew after the stops had cycled through and ECT DMAR would roll the dice and stay out for track position. He would have to pit early losing the lead draft and putting B&B Racing back in control. Caution would again fly when ECT BobD’s engine exploded. ECT Bernie would lead at the green with Hillbilly Racing on his tail. Scott, McClure, Morrell, Phalin, and Neises all joined up on the high line to put Mobbs back in sixth. What looked like a parade to the finish changed when ECT Fredo sneezed and put himself into a high speed spin taking ECT Q to the infield grass without a caution. ECT DaBandit would occupy third until he hit the apron with five to go and also spun to the grass with no yellow. Mike would cruise to his first win of the season followed by teammate Chuck with Bernie staying out of trouble and finishing third. Bernie Mobbs would leave Michigan in sole possession of the Series Lead, with Bruce Phalin 6 points back and Chuck McClure 15 points out. Vegas odds makers are favoring Mobbs with his consistency and advantage over McClure with Phalin’s poor luck leaving him least likely. Join us next week under the lights at Daytona for crowning of a true Champion !!!!!!!!!!!

    High Banked Michigan

    NXS SeriesWho will come out in the lead ????????? Who will even finish LMAO ??????? Join us tonight to answer these questions and more

    Race 12

    Race12Indy Banked would play host this week to the points war that the SS Thunder Series has become. Chuck McClure set the pole and with teammate, Mike Scott, the early race pace until caution flew. BobD and Bernie Mobbs would take over on the green and hold on until green flag stops. Once pit stops cycled through, ECT BobD was back in the lead but with ECT Q on his bumper as Bernie had spun exiting the pits under green. Hillbilly Racing took to the outside line and pushed hard to takeover the top spot. Unfortunately Swat pushed a little too hard and spun Redchevy causing him to barrel roll down the track and into the inside catch fence. The wreck would take out Motor City Madman as well but bunch up the field for what should have been the last pit stops. Richard Martin would get out of the pits first followed by B&B Racing. A late race caution set up a three lap shootout for the win. At the drop of the green Bernie & Bob jumped to the outside to overpower Richard but Fred and Bruce slipped in behind him preventing their pass and hanging them out to dry as more cars joined the inside. Fredo and Q would push DMAR to his first win of the season and top off the front three. Martin also earned the bonus points for leading the most laps. With the results official, Mobbs and Phalin are in a tie for the points lead with McClure only 15 points back. With two races to go it’s still a three way battle for the Championship. Join us next week in the Irish Hills of Michigan for another great event !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    NXS SeriesJoin us at the Brickyard tonight for some fender rubbin’ fun. If you come early, we can get in a round of golf LMAO.

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