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Recent Forum Posts

    Race 6

    Race 6Running so few races anymore, his hauler driver got lost on the way to the track. Arriving late was ECT’s own, Pete “The Outlaw” Sindone. Series officials reset qual to let the “Old Fart” in. Points leader (tied), Bernie Mobbs would set fastest time in qual (twice). From the drop of the green, Bernie would set the pace with his B&B Racing teammate, Bob D on his wing and earn the “Most Laps Lead” bonus early. Sindone followed the leaders in third. At the first green flag stops, Pete would have to lock up his brakes to avoid the rapidly slowing B&B Team. He slid up the track and was collected by the field at full speed. Sindone was seen wandering the pits afterward trying to get directions back home. Smooth green flag racing would rule until -ECT-Bernie’s motor would blow up ruining his hopes of leaving the night with the points lead. With final green flag stops beginning, Chuck McClure, Rob Neises and Fred Morrel would stay out an extra lap giving them a clear pit lane. Chuck would come out way ahead with DaBandit picking up the rest of the field in second. Neises would blow past the leader and dive to the bottom. With twenty to go and -ECT-REDCHEVY as his wingman, it was Rob’s race to lose. Dmar and Q were in line on McClure’s bumper waiting for the laps to run down. At two to go Martin would make his move to the high side. Phalin would follow with the pack going high to support. But Q kept an eye in his mirror and when the pack dove back to the bottom, he hung out Dmar to go low and take third. DaBandit would roll his Buffalo Wild Wings Chevy into Victory Lane for the first time this season. With his second place finish and closest competitor already in the hauler, Hillbilly Racing’s Chuck McClure would end the night in sole possession of the points lead. Join us next week under the lights at Talladega.

    High Banked Michigan

    NXS SeriesScenic Michigan will be the site of screaming tires and scrapping paint tonight as the SS Thunder Series rolls out for Race 6. Bernie Mobbs and Chuck McClure are in a tie for the lead of the points. Come out and join us tonight as the rest of the field tries to cut into their lead. Hope to see you all there !!!!!!!

    Race 5

    Race 5Rain in paradise would wash out qualifying with Paul McCollum drawing the pole out of the hat. Mike Scott and his Hillbilly Racing teammate and their illegitimate cousin “Jersey John” would take the lead and set the pace. Sparks would fly early splitting up the pack but no caution would come out. The lead pack of seven would walk away from the field. Scott would spin entering the pits under green taking out the lead pack. This left three small packs of two and Swat leading the following large pack. With the speed of the larger group, they eventually “Pac-Manned” up the small groups and brought the field back together. The only caution of the night fell at the halfway point and set the fuel saver kings hearts a flutter. Don L. would take the lead on the green and hold it until final green flag stops earning the bonus points for most laps led. With ten to go the leaders had run down the fuel savers, as they hit the pits for a final green flag stop. Dmar would be the only car in the fuel saver group to pit for a splash and came out all alone in the lead. At six to go, the lead pack blew past Dmar on the inside just as the Hillbillies caught up. Swat and crew would jump to the high side and begin to push Martin back to the front. Don L. jumped to the second lane and rode their momentum to the lead. Don and Rick would dive to the bottom after clearing the leader hanging the Hillbillies out to dry (note to self). The entire field from third on back would wreck at the checkers with cars finishing while flipping, spinning and flying. Don L. would head to Victory Lane for the first time this season with Dmar and Bernie rounding out the top three. Bernie Mobbs and Chuck McClure are back in a tie for the points lead. With their consistency, the rest of the field is fighting for third where BobD and DaBandit are tied thirty two points off the lead. Join us next week at the “home of the big three”, High Banked Michigan for another thriller.

    Daytona Night

    NXS SeriesBikinis, margaritas and bent sheet metal. Sounds like the SS Thunder Series at Daytona under the lights. Come on down to paradise and enjoy what we have to offer, and stay long enough to leave a mark or two on the wall at beautiful Daytona International Speedway.

    Race 4

    Race 4The peaceful, spring, Indiana evening was shattered by the roaring engines of the SS Thunder Series. Hillbilly Racing’s patriarch, Mike Scott, would set fastest time in qual (twice) and take the green from the pole. It wouldn’t take long before another sound could be heard, that of crushing sheet metal. The entire field would show signs of contact before the race was through. Bernie Mobbs would suffer his wreck early, but would resort back to his championship winning ways. With excellent pit stops, he worked his way to the lead. Holding the inside line allowed him to score the bonus points for most laps led. With thirteen laps to go, teammates Redchevy and Swat set out to prove they could get it done on the outside. With DaBandit and some helpers in tow, they slowly gained ground on the leaders. When the two cleared the leader, they abandoned their help and dropped to the bottom with the lead. A caution with six to go would split the teammates. The radios were a buzz as deals were made. The leader took the outside on the restart knowing his friend would let him down on the green. A three lap shootout at the green put all the drivers fighting for the best points they could get. Coming to the white flag, Motor City Madman dove onto the pit entrance and pulled alongside Mike Scott. With the pit wall looming, he had nowhere to go and body slammed Scott into the outside wall taking out most of the field and earning himself a visit to the series trailer. When the official results were posted, Redchevy would head to victory lane for the second week in a row with DMAR and -ECT-Bernie rounding out the top three. Join us next week under the lights at Daytona where you can actually see the sparks fly.

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