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Lost a Brother & a Racer

Today ECT took a major hit when we lost Bruce Phalin. Bruce was ECT’s Head Admin and and our painter for years.. He was always there to help and lend a hand to anyone that needed it. Bruce was with ECT since about it beginning and was always fighting for what we thought was right and would always have my back and all the members. Bruce was a kind gentlemen and never spoke bad about most people (lol) well sometimes. me and Bruce had talks about everything over the year from race cars to girls,wives and family. Bruce”s would always paint 99% of the cars,truck,for any tv race we put, weather you were a ECT member or not he would always help. I will always remember his favorite words after wrecking him or asking him to help out and that is (NO WORRIES) i will never forget those words from him. I can personally say he would always have a few choice words for me some good and some bad but my favorite was each time i came into the server he would say(hey you old fart) even tho he was older then me. But i looked forward to hear that. It was something he always did and i will miss that, but will treasure it also. The man a heart of gold and i will miss him more then anything here at ECT. My heart is broken right now for losing¬† our brother and a GREAT friend to a lot of drivers in the sim world. If there is one thing i will learn form his loss is that you never know what time we have here and don’t make it fighting or being mad at others. Life is way to short, So we need to always be kind and try our best to let things slide by and work things out for the better of us all. QQQQ racing will never to forgotten at ECT and Bruce will always ride with us all in our minds. I ask each and everyone of you to say a prayer for Bruce as our Lord takes him for his final ride… My Brother i will always love you and miss you and my heart hurts as i am sure a lot of others also. Rest in Peace my Brother !!

# 13 Bruce Phalin QQQQ racing..

ECT Owner Pete Sindone



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