IROC SS Challenge

Daytona Clash


The Outlaw is on a Hot Streak !!!

ECT-P-Sindone has taken down yet another WIN !! This will be Sindone’s 3rd win out of 4 races. Sindone says his crew gets all the credit for these wins. They have given me one Fast truck this season and I hope to bring it home with another Championship this season.. We have had some GREAT races since the season has started and each week we seem to be getting bigger fields and the Caliper of drivers are the best..


Daytona TR is the Battle Grounds for the season opener

Tonight is the Season 5 Opener for Those Crazy Bastards in the Smoke’s Superspeedway Truck Series.. We will see door to door battles at 200 plus mph !!! Lets see if anyone has anything for the Champ ECT-FDiesel !! Good Luck to ALL !!!


ECT-Smoke 250 Memorial Race April 7th

Smoke 250ECT will be putting together a race for our Brother we Lost Lynn (-ECT-Smoke) White. We lost Lynn suddenly Feb 27th. Lynn was a Brother a Friend and Senior Member here for over 10 years and became one of Our Best friends and a Great driver. Lynn had raced in a few leagues and made friends all over the sim community. This is a BIG Loss for ECT. So what we want to do is Help out Lynn’s wife by putting on this race with ALL Donations going to Mrs White to help out with whatever she may need..So we are asking the sim community to come together and join us in doing what Lynn did best and that’s race in the Ncts09 Series.The Race will be Sunday April 7th LIVE on Lets help out a Sim Brother and his Family.. Lets show others we are Strong and in bad times we stand as one.. Thank You & God Bless

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